Friday, November 26, 2004

Visiting the Industrial Automation Institute (Madrid - Spain)

Last November 24th, 2004, Alejandro Alonso-Puig was invited to visit the Industrial Automation Institute, from the CSIC. Research institute focused on the development of new technologies in the areas of process automation and advanced systems. 

In this visit, Alejandro Alonso-Puig made a demonstration of his hexapod robot Melanie III and its capabilities for walking on rough terrain.

From left to right PH Doctors Joaquin Estremera, Pablo González and José de No Sánchez 
de León hearing the features of Melanie-III robot from Alejandro Alonso-Puig

From right to left and top to bottom the PD Doctors Elena García, Joaquin Estremera 
and Javier De Lope (UPM) with Alejandro Alonso-Puig during a demonstration of the
 quadruped robot Silo-4 from the Industrial Automation Institute

Samir Nabulsi doing a demonstration of the quadruped RoboClimber from IAI, one of the 
biggest robots in the world.

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