Sunday, July 31, 2005

CampusBot 2005 Robotics area at Campus Party (Valencia-Spain)

The past month of July was celebrated the ninth edition of Campus Party. As a premiere there was a new area of robotics called CampusBot, that had 200 participants who during one week enjoyed in activities such as conferences, round tables, exhibitions of robots, competitions and a workshop of robots assembly.

Robotics area during the robots assembly workshop. at the top end "The cube of CampusBot", were was the stage for conferences, round tables and robotics shows. 

The event was carried out from the 25th to the 31st of July, 2005 in the Fair of Samples of Valencia (Spain) and was coordinated by  Alejandro Alonso Puig.

They were first class speakers, like:

Professor. Kevin Warwick, Professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading (United Kingdom), who spoke about the implants that he had at neural level for the control of robotic hands and other devices, or reception of signals from external sensors, like its ultrasonic cap for blind people.

Professor. Kevin Warwick gives instructions to a volunteer on the use of his ultrasonic system

Professor. Miguel Ángel Salichs, Professor and Director of the Department of Systems Engineering and Automatization of the University Carlos III of Madrid.

From left to right, Professor Miguel Angel Salichs with his assistants: Ana Corrales, David García, Rafael Rivas, Ramon Barber, Javier Gorostiza, and Elena Delgado. At the right is Alejandro Alonso. In the middle is the personal robot "Maggie" 

PhD. Elena García Armada, who worked in the Leg Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), being dedicated at the moment to the investigation and development of legged robots in the Industrial Automation Institute of Madrid that belongs CSIC.

PhD. Elena García  Armada (IAI-CSIC) and Alejandro Alonso

PhD. Arturo Morgado Estévez, Assistant Research Director of the School of Industrial Engineers of the University of Cadiz. Specialized in robotics hardware.

Julio Pastor Mendoza, Robotics Lecturer at the University of Alcalá de Henares. Leading coordinator of the robotics contests "Alcabot" and "Hispabot" (National Robotics Award) as well a Spanish connection for the European Robotics Contest "Eurobot".

Juan González Gómez, Robotics Lecturer at the "Universidad Autonoma de Madrid". Leading research fellow on modular robots.

Top. From left to right. Juan González (Iearobotics), PhD. Arturo Morgado (UCA)
Bottom. From left to right. Iván González (UAM), Julio Pastor (UAH) and Alejandro Alonso (Quark Robotics)

PhD. Javier de Lope Asiaín, PhD in Computer science by the Polytechnical University of Madrid. Lecturer of Artificial intelligence in the Faculty of Computer science of the Polytechnical University of Madrid. Member of the research group on autonomous cars coordinated by the Industrial Automation Institute of Madrid (CSIC).

From left to right. Ricardo Gómez (IFARA), Javier De Lope (UPM),  Alejandro Alonso (Quark Robotics), Jose Pichardo (AMUCA), Andrés Prieto-Moreno (IFARA) and Juan González (Iearobotics)

PhD. Juan Carlos Pérez, PhD in Computer science by the Polytechnical University of Valencia. Research Director the Information Technology Institute of Valencia (ITI). Responsible of the area of vision, and lecturer of the Computing and Information Systems Department. Member of the DISCA vision group, who gave a lecture about Robotics and Linux, with demonstrations of a couple of robots based on Linux.

José Luis Martínez Fraile, creator of the well-known Seguritron robot, that surprised the participants to the event.

From left to right. PhD. Juan Carlos Pérez (ITI), José Luis M. Fraile (Seguritron), Juan González (Iearobotics) and Alejandro Alonso (Quark Robotics)
The mass media coverage was spectacular, by in television as by radio and press, appearing in the main national television networks, both in in direct or differed programs.

It was of main interest the robots assembly workshop coordinated by Juan González, where participants assembled and programmed 63 SkyBot robots of Ifara Technologies, that later could take to their house to continue progressing.

At the end of the workshop of 5 days of duration (2 hours daily), there was a competition called "mogollón", where the participants of the workshop could compete with their just assembled robots. In such competition the winner robot was the first in leaving an enclosure whose edges were defined by a black tape on a white surface.

Photo of group with the participants to the competition "mogollón"
Also it was awarded the best tuning robot between those assembled at the workshop.

The last day they were two competitions of Xtreme Robotrackers and Sumo Fighters, with awards of 1200€, 500€ y 200€ for first, seconds and third positions of each modality.

First, second and third award of the competition "Xtreme Robotrackers" were given to Ángel Sánchez, Iván Rubí and Antonio José Villena respectively. All from Malaga (Spain).

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