Friday, September 30, 2005

Collaboration in three TV episodes of "España Innova" (Spain Innovates)

As the result of a collaboration between Alejandro Alonso-Puig (Quark Robotics) and the media company Co.eficiente, born three chapters of "España Innova", broadcasted at "La 2 de Televisión Española", national coverage TV channel (Spain), during the months of July and September, with an estimated audience of 1.000.000 people.

"España Innova". Are small chapters of 3 minutes, sponsored by Telefónica, with the collaboration of the Industry Ministry (Ministerio de Industria) and CDTI. They cover different aspects of technology, with the purpose of promoting innovation of the Spanish companies.
Alejandro Alonso-Puig collaborated during the process of creation of the script with Josema Visiers, maintenance of contacts with research centers and companies in Spain and accomplishment of interviews.

Moments before the start. Alejandro Alonso with the people from Co.eficiente

As result three episodes were broadcasted.

  • Personal Robotics-I:

  • Personal Robotics-II

  • Industrial Robotics

In the episodes the following centers collaborated:

Robótica Personal-I (Personal Robotics -I)
Robótica Personal-II (Personal Robotics-II)
Robótica Industrial (Industrial Robotics)
PhD. Pablo González de Santos and PhD. Elena García Armada with Silo-6 from the Robotics Automation Institute (Instituto de Automática Industrial de Madrid) (CSIC), who participated in the chapter "Robótica Personal-I" 

From left to right, Juan González (IEArobotics/UAM) and Professor Miguel Angel Salichs (UC3M) who collaborated in the chapter "Robótica Personal-II"

Andrés Prieto (IFARA) shows Pucho in the chapter (Robótica Personal-II)

Humanoid robot HR0 from the University Carlos III of Madrid during the filming of the chapter "Robótica Personal".

Filming Melanie-III for the chapter "Robótica Personal-II"

From left to right, Professor Miguel Angel Salichs (UC3M) and Alejandro Alonso Puig (Quark Robotics)

Robot PTinto  from the Center of Astrobiology (INTA/CSIC) who appeared in the filming of the chapter "Robótica Personal"
Robot Maggie from the University Carlos III of Madrid who appeared in the filming of the chapter "Robótica Personal"

Robot used in automation, from  "Inser Robótica", who collaborated in the chapter "Robótica Industrial"

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