Friday, February 9, 2007

Sam, a protocol robot: The Bust

Sam is a protocol robot, for interaction with people. The robot has been made as a project of my company Quark Robotics and has a human aspect to ease the interaction with people.

Actually the bust is fully finished.

The robot has two cameras for artificial vision and video transmission. Its mouth could express happiness, annoyance, surprise and indifference. The robot could also speak by using a speech synthesizer with it produce a talking effect in its lips.

It's head could move in pan and tilt ways by using some mechanisms located in its neck.

An interactive screen in it's chest could show images, videos, menus, so people could select different options by pressing the buttons at the sides of the screen.

The robot is very adequate as calling object at congresses, trade fairs, expositions, talking about the goodness of the products of a company, while visitors could ask Sam for more details of the products by pushing it's buttons.

Although Sam bust is autonomous, we are building the rest of the body, that would give harms and movement to Sam.

Here you could see a demonstration video of Sam:


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