Saturday, March 1, 2014

Testing CruiserBot robot in Martian Simulation Arena

Past February 17th, 2014 I visited the company  GMV with our robot Cruiserbot, were we did some testing on the Martian Simulation Arena, a place specially prepared to simulate the red planet surface.

GMV is a Company focused on engineering solutions for space exploration, aeronautics and onboard systems among others. There I met to Alberto Medina, Head of Robotics Section at GMV and Luis Mollinedo, Project Engineer at GMV Space Systems.

Cruiserbot is a modular robot developed by Quark Robotics under my coordination, for different industrial real life applications. One of these is the inspection and maintenance of air ducts. For this application the robot needs a ruggedized tether cable that could be used to recover the robot in case of stacking with an obstacle. In any case, as the robot has been developed in a modular way, it could be used with communication modules (no cable) as well as with other accessories for different tasks. 

The version we used in this "cosmic testing" was the Bigfoot version, prepared for rough terrain and complex ducts.  As the following video shows, the robot managed itself quite well in the GMV,s Martian Arena. May be one day our robots could be used in such a challenging environment as Mars.