Sunday, November 23, 2014

Testing a thermographic camera from a drone

Thermal imaging cameras are widely used in industry, medicine, military, security, and other sectors since decades. The possibility to "see" in wavelegths that our eyes could not see give us an enormous potential. Is like those superheroes with x-ray sight that could do things that normal humans could not do. Thermal vision is the same: Gives us the chance to see in the night even through fog or smoke, locate broken heating pipes beneath the floor of your house, or study the animals in wildlife.

But there is much more than that. What happen with Superman?. He also can fly and "see" from the sky!. The same happens if we install a thermal imaging camera on a multirotor drone, an helicopter or a fixed wing UAV. You then have those special eyes up in the sky and you could see much more things, With these technologies working together, we could check defects in high voltage towers, find failures in an industrial facility or find lost people or casualties in the middle of the snow, the sea, or the mud after a tsunami. There are endless possibilities when both technologies (UAVs and thermografic cameras) work together. 

I tested a Flir Tau2 thermographic camera with one of my multirotor drones. Here there is a video of the testing:

Also this video taken from my robot Neptune some years ago shows termografic images from other sort of camera inside of a building:

Another interesting video by Roswell Flight Test Crew, comparing different type of Tau2 cameras is the following: