Sunday, June 4, 2017

ICRA 2017 Singapore

ICRA, the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, is an annual academic conference covering advances in robotics. It is one of the premier conferences in its field. This year I was invited to attend to its 2017 edition in Singapore.
Francesco Ferro (Pal Robotics CEO)
and  Alejandro Alonso (IR CTO)

With a superb organization and a beautiful location, the event included conferences of leading researchers and companies from all around the world, as well as workshops and exhibitors area. This last was where I spent most of my time, as I love the direct interaction with the companies and research centres. Also, in this kind of academic events, compared to trade fairs, you usually have the chance to directly find very technical people, able to explain you in very deep all the ins and outs of their products. 

Really, the robotics community is not so big yet, so we know each other. Therefore I had the pleasure to meet some good friends from companies like Infinium Robotics, PAL Robotics and Fetch Robotics between others.

Infinium Robotics is the company in Singapore where I work as CTO. I already wrote about this great company in one of my previous posts: "Infinium Robotics. Flying Robots".

PAL Robotics is a company in Spain well known for having developed some of the best humanoid robots in the world. I have very good relationship with this companies team since more than ten years ago. Great people, well motivated, well managed, that has been able to look out of the box and enter with bravery in the world of the robotics warehouse solutions, with robots like Tiago (seen in the previous picture) or StockBot.

Junyang Woon (CEO IR), Melonee Wise (CEO Fetch)
and Alejandro Alonso (CTO IR/Hisparob VP)
Fetch Robotics is also one of the big players in the robotics solutions for warehousing industry, 

But I met many other very interesting people and had amazing chats with people from companies so key in this field as Amazon RoboticsDJI or Clearpath Robotics, At the end of this post there is a full list of exhibiting companies.

I saw very interesting technology, like the reabilitation exoeskeletons from Fourier Intelligence (Shanghai), the Spidar-G 6DOF Haptic interface from Tokio Institute of Technology, the Haptic systems of Force Dimension and Moog, the dextrous manipulators of Kinova, Kuka, ABB, ITRI, the modular robot components of Hebi Robotics, Keyi Technology, the ·D motion capture technologies of Phoenix Technologies and Optitrack, the educational solutions of Ubitech, GT Robot or Robotis and many, many others, most of them ROS enabled. 

As I usually try to do in these sort of events, I recorded a "home made" video of the exhibition area to give you all a slight idea on technologies shown there.

ICRA 2017 Exhibitors verview

And last but not least, I want to thank my friends from SIAA (Singapore International Automation Association) for their always kind friendship and support. They organized also the Singapore Pavilion in this event. 

Ms LIM Sue Yin, Civic Seh (both SIAA) and
 Alejandro Alonso (IR/Hisparob VP)

List of exhibitors:

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