Sunday, October 31, 2004

Melanie-III travels to California Demonstrations at RoboNexus and Carnegie Mellon West 2004. USA

Melanie III traveled to California on October 2004. The robot was showed at RoboNexus in Santa Clara Convention Center and was invited to stay at the Robotics Society of America booth.

The Congress  was focused on the fast growing intelligent mobile robotics marketplace. Produced byRoboticsTrends and with iRobot as premier sponsor, counted with world's leading robotics visionaries and thought leaders like Dr. Rodney Brooks (Director, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab), Hans Moravec (Research Professor Robotics Institute Carnegie Mellon University), Helen Greiner (Chairman iRobot), Dan Kara (President of Robotics Trends), Stewart Tansley (Program Manager Microsoft Research) and Alec Hudnut (President Evolution Robotics) between others.

The congress also counted with important exhibitors like iRobotKawada IndustriesVia TechnologiesMaxon motorsParallax and Evolution Robotics between others.

They were very interesting robots, like the Humanoid Robot HRP-2 from Kawada Industries, The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Packbot robot from iRobot, the humanoid robots from Jin Sato, the balancing robots fromCTG or the exoskeletons from Tetsujin contest.

From left to right: Steve Vorres and Alejandro Alonso-Puig with Melanie-III
From left to right: Alejandro Alonso-Puig and Jin Sato with his excellent humanoid robots
One of the exoskeletons able to lift more than 1.000 pounds

Also Melanie-III was showed to the HBRobotics Group from Carnegie Mellon.
The Group, located in NASA dependencies at Moffet Field - California, meets twice a month for sharing of knowledge between the members of the Group.

From left to right: Alejandro Alonso-Puig, Camp Peavy and Bob Allen
From left to right: Ted Larson, Bob Allen (CTG Robotics) and Alejandro Alonso-Puig
From left to right: Camp Peavy, his robot Springy Thingy and Alejandro Alonso-Puig
Some members of the Group

Also as part of my stance I had the pleasure to meet Trevor Blackwell, founder of Anybots, who showed me his researches in humanoid robotics and balancing transporters.

From left to right: Alejandro Alonso-Puig and Trevor Blackwell (Anybots)
with his humanoid
Detail of the feet
Trevor with his Eunicycle, a self balancing vehicle.
Visit his web site for further details: 

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