Sunday, May 1, 2005

ROBOLID'05 - Robotics at the University of Valladolid (Spain)

The Association of robotics of the University of Valladolid (AMUVa), presided by Javier Herrero de La Cal, celebrated this las month of April 2005 the annual contest ROBOLID

In this event they were contests, conferences and exhibitions of robots. The robot Melanie III was there, being shown during the conference “These Estrange Robots” of  Alejandro Alonso Puig. 

Conference of  Alejandro Alonso Puig

Next, Juan González (IeaRobotics) gave a lecture on apodal robots, presenting his robots Cube Revolutions y Multicube. 

From left to right: Juan González, Alejandro Alonso, Fernando Remiro and one of his undergraduates

ROBOLID is the regional robotics contest of Castilla-León and is qualifying phase of the European Prize of Robotics  EUROBOT

They were competitions of Sumo (3Kg), MiniSumo (1/2 kg), trackers and Sprinters.

They were participants of all ages, with robots of great quality, demonstrating that the age is never a constrain to make a good robot and that the imagination can compensate the limitation of resources perfectly.

There was also a prize to the most innovating robot than was given to David Velasco from AMUVa for his robot robot "Cíclope". A sprinter with extreme speed, good design, very small size and simplicity. Equipped with only one sensor and a control of analog type (without microcontroller).  

Some robots of David Velasco compared with a Euro coin.
From top to bottom: "Neptuno", "X-43A" and "Cíclope"

This event was in addition a good opportunity to be with new and old friends like Juan GonzálezFrancisco CarabazaFernando Remiro, Javier Herrero, David Velasco, Jose Luis M.Fraile, Daniel Álvarez, Alberto Calvo and Eva María Fernández.

Alejandro Alonso and Francisco Carabaza with Melanie-III

Thanks to: Association of robotics of the University of Valladolid (AMUVa) and very specially to its President Javier Herrero and David Velasco due to their constant attention during all our stay.

From left to right: Javier Herrero, David Velasco, Alejandro Alonso, Alberto Calvo, Daniel Álvarez and Juan González