Monday, April 11, 2005

Visiting José Luis Martínez Fraile and his robot Seguritron (Palencia- Spain)

In April of 2005, Juan González ( and I (Alejandro Alonso Puig) visited José Luis Martinez Fraile, designer and constructor of the Seguritron robot (, who very amiably showed us this work of art in operation and explained interesting details of its construction.

Juan González with Seguritron and its creator, José Luis M. Fraile
It is awesome to see with how much detail and quality Jose Luis has made each one of the pieces of the robot. A strong, robust robot and of interesting personality.

The density of knowledge that has this citizen of Palencia in its head and its capacity to undertake as spectacular projects as Seguritron, demonstrates once again that Spain has true values for the Robotics.

José Luis showing me some secrets of Seguritron