Saturday, May 28, 2005

Visiting the Laboratory of Robotics and Vision. University of Málaga (Spain)

Juan González ( and Alejandro Alonso Puig visited the Laboratory of Robotics and Vision of the University of Malaga, directed by  Cristina Urdiales, where interesting researches are carried out on robots control and augmented reality, able to generate computerized images over images of the real world.

The team of  Cristina Urdiales not only carries out professional tasks of high interest, but also forms a united and funny group, were the Robotics becomes a pure game that gives free space to the creativity.

Starting at the top line, from left to right: Jose Manuel Peula, Cristina Urdiales, Daniel Berrocal, Mario del Haro and Isabel Sánchez (Kris). At the bottom line, from left to right: Juan González, Nacho Herrero and Alejandro Alonso Puig.

Alejandro Alonso Puig with one of robots used in the center.

One of the Aibos used as platform for the research in learning algorithms.

Another Aibo (Anakin) is the protagonist in this picture

One of the manipulators used for training in this center.

It is not possible to resist to play with the systems of augmented reality

Visual system for location of faces.

Augmented reality recognition token

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