Monday, May 30, 2005

Visiting the Department of Systems and Automation Engineering. University of Malaga (Spain)

Juan González ( and Alejandro Alonso Puig visited PhD. Alfonso García Cerezo, Professor and Director of the Department of Systems and Automation Engineering of the University of Málaga.

The Department of Systems and Automation Engineering works with the Andalusian Institute of Advanced Automation and Robotics in the research and development of different projects of relevance in Robotics. The following pictures show some of those projects.

From left to right.  Juan González (, Alfonso García Cerezo (Professor and Director of the Department of Systems and Automation Engineering) and Alejandro Alonso Puig.
Aurora project. Developed for those tasks that imply health hazard for humans in greenhouses. The autonomous robot do such tasks now.

Auriga Project. Robot developed for rough terrain. It has a laser obstacle detection system and a GPS between other systems

Robot for fight extinction. It works in constant communication with an autonomous helicopter that guides him to the place where is the fire.

One of the flying robots of four propellers developed in the Department.

Juan González with a historical manipulator  Puma of Unimate

Chain of transport used for the practices of the pupils

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