Wednesday, June 1, 2005

V Robotics Event. University of Malaga (Spain)

The past month of May, Juan González and Alejandro Alonso Puig were invited to participate in the V Robotics Event at the University of Malaga, organized by the Branch of students of the IEEE and the group of Robotics and Vision.

They were robots of different types, such as trackers, sumo fighters, apodal, hexapods, quadruped, collectors of glasses, etc, in a friendly  atmosphere that luckyly always characterizes the world of Robotics.

From left to right and from top to bottom: Isabel Sánchez (Kris), Carmina Trazegnies and Jose Manuel Peula, Alejandro Alonso Puig, Cristina Urdiales, Jose Jaime Ariza and Juan González.
Juan González showing Cube Revolution and Multicube
Alejandro Alonso Puig is interviewed by the TV channel of Málaga for the program Paraninfo
Alejandro Alonso Puig with coordinators of the Science Museum of Malaga.

Melanie-III competes with Skybot of Ifara Technologies for its vital space

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