Thursday, November 17, 2005

Week of the Science and Technology. University of Cadiz (Spain)

From the 9th till the 11th of Noviembre 2005 there was at the Engineering School of Cadiz (Spain), the 2nd Week of the Science and Technology.

Opening of the event by D. Arturo Morgado Estévez, Research Deputy Manager at the University of Cadiz.

Between the activities of the event they were conferences, workshops and robotics demonstrations in three days were students and other interested people filled up the venue.

TV2 TV channel covered the event and interviewed Alejandro Alonso. See video (spanish):

They were the following conferences:
  • Space RoboticsAlejandro Alonso Puig (Quark Robotics)
  • Robotics contests, Eurobot and HispabotJulio Pastor Mendoza (UAH)
  • Robotics VisionAntón Civit Balcells (University of Seville)
  • Extrange robotsAlejandro Alonso Puig (Quark Robotics)
  • Robotics activities at UCA. Association AMUCAArturo Morgado Estevez (UCA), José Pichardo Gallardo (AMUCA)
  • Robotics projects from studens of E.S.I. Daniel Berdugo, Rafael González and Daniel Quintero (AMUCA)

Alejandro Alonso during one of his conferences

Robots Electrococo and Campanolo, presented at the Eurobot competition

Daniel Berdugo shows a leg of his future humanoid


Julio Pastor during a conference

Juan González with some of the robots shown

Antón Civit during his conference about robotics vision

From left to right. Juan González (IEArobotics/UAM), Ricardo Gómez (Ifara), Andrés Prieto (Ifara), Alejandro Alonso (Quark Robotics), Julio Pastor (UAH), Oscar González (UAH), Antón Civit (University of Seville) and Arturo Morgado (UCA)

Laboratory were it was the workshop

Juan González, coordinator of the workshop, helping some students.

People at the event

Andrés Prieto during the robotics demonstration

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