Monday, December 12, 2005

Visit to the Information Technology Institute (ITI). Valencia (Spain)

Juan González (Iearobotics/UAM) and Alejandro Alonso Puig (Quark Robotics - Mundobot) visited the Information Technology Institute (ITI), located in the Innovation City, at Valencia (Spain).

ITI is a Foundation that works with companies doing knowledge transfer University-business, helping also in the procurement of aids and economical supports for the development of projects. Some of the areas in which they are working are fast recognition systems for vehicle plates in movement, voice activating systems for door access, face and voice recognition, biometric systems and communication systems man-robot.

Juan Carlos Pérez, Research Director of ITI showed the facilities and projects they are working on actually.

Juan Carlos Pérez (ITI) and Alejandro Alonso Puig (Quark Robotics) in one of the meeting rooms.

Martín Perís (ITI) show some of the features of one of the robots of ITI

Other of the robots during the process of coupling to the energetic satisfaction unit

Martín Perís (ITI) and Alejandro Alonso Puig (Quark Robotics) looking at the inner parts of one of the robots from ITI

Visual platform for demonstration on car plate recognition at fast speed

Real time images of the recognition process of car plates in movement.

farewell and celebration dinner

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