Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Visit to the company Eventronic (Alicante-Spain)

Juan González (Iearobotics/UAM) and Alejandro Alonso Puig (Quark Robotics - Mundobot) visited the company Eventronic at Alicante (Spain).

Eventronic is a company dedicated to R&D in the area of robotics among others. The company develop tailored made solutions, public event robots, as well as cleaning robots.

The manager, Javier Asensi showed the R&D works they are aiming at this moment.

Javier Asensi (Manager of Eventronic) and Alejandro Alonso (Quark Robotics) talking about the details of one of the pipes cleaning robot of Eventronic
Javier Asensi (Manager of Eventronic) and Juan Gonzalez (Iearobotics/UAM) around Kikocircuito of Eventronic

One of the tailor made robot for cleaning of pipes

Javier Asensi (Manager of Eventronic) y Alejandro Alonso (Quark Robotics) with the new robot in which Eventronic is working

One of the public events robot in which Eventronic is working now.

One of the surface cleaning robots of Eventronic

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