Saturday, May 31, 2014

Melanie-III demo at GMV for smart children


Last saturday, May the 10th Melanie III and I visited to our friends at GMV and a group of smart children. It is nice to see that companies not only focus on their own business, but also share some of their time and resources with students, allowing them to see some examples of technology. This time the visit was from PEAC, were children with high capacities could find ways for enrichment of their creativity and capacities. GMV showed some of the last works done in control of space ships and satelites, as well as with robots for explosive ordnance disposal. I was invited to show Melanie, my hexapod robot. Although Melanie III is actually 10 years old, is still working as the first day and may be an example of personal development that could help children to find their way to the technology. It was a pleasure to be there.

Here you could see Melanie III walking on the martian simulation arena at GMV:

For more information on Melanie-III clic HERE

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