Saturday, February 27, 2016

Professional Drones Book finally published

I have to say with proud that finally I have published my book  about professional drones. At this moment the book is only available in Spanish with the title “Drones Profesionales. Usos y T├ęcnica”, but I expect to translate it into English soon. 

This book intends to explain in depth the world of drones, mainly of multirotor type, both from the technical aspect, and from the operations in various professional applications.

The drones world is shown from its history, as well as from its current applications in sectors such as industrial inspections, farming, cartography or aerial filming, including information about the application and piloting tips for each case.

A book filled with information and tips on piloting, legislation, technical information about principles of operation, sensors, payloads, control stations, batteries, equipment optimization, etc.

A practical book for all those who wish to learn about the world of the professional multirotor drones, available in kindle format at Amazon worldwide at a very low price, to ease the distribution of knowledge to anyone who needs it: 

Written by: Alejandro Alonso-Puig. HISPAROB Robotics Platform Vicepresident, IXION Industry & Aerospace MR Systems Manager and Quark Robotics Partner.

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