Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Visiting Robotnik Automation S.L.L.

Part of my activities as Hisparob Vice-president, is to maintain good relationships with companies and institutions from the robotics sector. Therefore on behalf of Hisparob, I visited my friends Roberto Guzmán and Rafael López, founding partners of the company Robotnik Automation S.L.L. They received me in their new facilities at Valencia (Spain/Europe), where we had an interesting chat about the company, their origins and their success.

Robotnik, a company with fourteen years of history, twenty six employees and a revenue of three million euros per year, was in its origin a small company that almost born in a garage in 2002, focused at the beginning in the Industrial Robotics business.

Nowadays this company, certified ISO 9001:08 (Design, manufacturing and commercialization of products and systems based on robotics technology) and UNE 166002:06 (R&D management), is focused in the Service Robotics business, with a clear international orientation (70% of its revenue comes from international sales).

The main activity of the Company is the design, manufacturing, integration and sales of Service Robotics Solutions.

Their distribution agreements with important robotics companies (Schunk, Fetch, Kinova,…) is key for their success, because of their ability to create products based on their excellent robotics platforms with third parties manipulators. This is the case of their RB-1 Mobile Manipulator unit, that integrates a Robotnik mobile base with an arm from Kinova. See the picture above-left. Other successful products are the mobile platforms SUMMIT, GUARDIAN and AGVS.

One of their central pillars is to use ROS open control architecture in their robotics solutions, what drastically facilitate the integration of Robotnik products, with other products from the market.

From left to right: Rafael López (R&D Director. Robotnik), Roberto Guzmán (CEO. Robotnik), Alejandro Alonso-Puig (Hisparob Vicepresident)

Not only I enjoyed seeing a successful company with interesting products, but above all to share such a good time with its founding partners, passionate people for technology and willing to take the world by storm with their abilities, experience and dedication.

Written by: Alejandro Alonso-Puig. HISPAROB Robotics Platform Vicepresident, IXION Industry & Aerospace MR Systems Manager and Quark Robotics Partner.

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