Thursday, November 12, 2015

About IXION Industry & Aerospace. Automations in real life

Ixion Industry & Aerospace is where I work in the Multirotor Drones area, so I decided to tell you some things about the company.

IXION develops and integrates innovative  products based on our expertise in technologies like autonomous navigation and mission of unmanned vehicles, computer vision and monitoring & control systems. 

IXION is a company with more than 15 years of experience in the development of state-of-the-art solutions for diverse sectors such as: Maintenance & Inspection, Utility, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Security, Aerospace &  Defence, Intralogistics and Cleaning. 

IXION team has developed extensive knowledge  of some of the most innovative technologies, which are applied in our products: Software development, Autonomous navigation, Robotics, Monitoring & Control, Computer vision, Flight control system, Human Machine Interface, Artificial Intelligence, Special processor boards and On-board computing.

The mission of IXION is responding the demand of automation in the Society. IXION Smart 
Automation consists on developing a pool of technologies IXION is expert and deliver 
state-of-the-art products to reach the highest levels of automation. 

Founded in 2011, IXION expands the business of the industrial and aerospace division of TCP Sistemas e Ingenieria. TCP remains in the IT consulting while IXION specializes in industrial 

Among different business areas, IXION delivers Monitoring & Control solutions and services to the ESA for more than 15 years. Our products are in service in all ESA’s ground stations worldwide. Our work with ESA is our proof of technological competence, highest quality, international capacity, expertize in remote operation.

Also, for inspection & maintenance, IXION has a solution called IX-Lines, that is a software tool for automatic analysis of High Voltage Lines inspection videos taken, typically, by helicopters or drones. IX-Lines delivers whether identified defects or video resume highlighting the key elements. The power line inspector validates the defects and focus on the valuable parts saving lots of time. IX-Lines detects automatically defects in power lines such as: Insulator damaged or absent, oxidation or hot spot among others.

IX-Spector, another product from IXION, perform automatic and remote inspection of elements. Minimizes human in-situ inspection. Also, allows 24/7 surveillance of facilities. Developed with ENDESA. It performs a repeated survey of the premises, previously configured, detecting events such as oil leaks, analog instruments out of range or inoperative, broken glasses, changes in the premises (open doors, objects left, etc.), level monitoring. Additionally, IX-Spector supports stock management of the inventory by the integration of RFID identification system. If detected, IX-Spector classifies and reports events, allowing remote live video observation if assessment of the incident is required.

In summary this computer vision based system check that everything is working correctly in an industrial facility. If something is working wrong, an alarm is activated, giving full details to the engineers.

In the area of Multirotor drones, IXION work in solutions and R&D projects  for Security & Surveillance, Law Enforcement, Military, Industry and NRBQ. 

IXION develops the next generation of Control, Navigation and Mission/Application Systems for Unmanned Vehicles: Aerial, ground and underwater. IXION designs the hardware, firmware and software, using the most advanced system-on-chip available in the market, that include powerful FPGAs, to implement advanced on board algorithms for control, navigation, perception, planning and decision making on the vehicles

If you need any other information, do not hesitate to contact me.